22 Photos Where Something Went Terribly Wrong

“That’s OK!” we tell ourselves when we do something and we dont achieve the perfect result. But it seems that some people have this phrase by slogan.

We find 20 photos where the degree of imperfection is simply impressive. It is a true hell for perfectionists!

22. Grow where they want

21. Im an artist, and this is my vision

20. Winners of the “Parking of the year” award

19. “I made it!” Said the packer

18. How is it possible?

17. Try to open the drawer without moving the oven

16. Something went wrong

15. Once upon a time in Russia

14. I bought a new oven

13. A design worthy of a horror movie

12. A package is waiting for you. Be careful; it’s very fragile!

11. An eraser that erases everything


10. The delivery man left the package under the door handle, and we were trapped in our own house

9. This is how my friend has his kitchen well organized


8. A rebellion among the reds


7. Break the system and stereotypes!


6. No one will notice


5. One, two, three… Easy to find


4. I only have one question: how?


3. Girls on the left and children on the right. Or is it the other way around?


2. Your hair is still clean… for now


1. No windows for you today!

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