20 Times Relationships Were Hilariously Unpredictable

Living with your partner, without doubt, is a serious step. But there will always be moments that will lift your spirits and make you laugh with your heart. These moments can happen every day.

We gathered for you 20 proofs that living together is an incredibly fun and exciting adventure.

Our flight delayed 12 hours, and my boyfriend disappeared. I found it in a children’s room watching cartoons.


My wife found a way to hide her sweets from around the world.


Now I know that my boyfriend bathed today.


I found my wife in the closet. I was sitting on the floor and crying. When I asked him what happened, he told me that he had nothing to wear.


Today is my birthday, that’s why my husband built a pillow fortress for us.


When you love your girlfriend


He told me that he had a sexy dress sewn exclusively for me. This is the dress.


This is how my man plays with our daughter.


I discovered where my wife hides her dirty secrets.


My husband ordered this rug.


My wife asked me how I am preparing for the birth of our baby.


My girlfriend is afraid of height. She said that this was no problem for her and climbed up on a lookout.


I went to visit my husband at work, and I found him like that.

The stages of my wife’s frustration when we lost the ice cream truck.


My girlfriend needs this bra tonight, but the dryer is broken.


There was too much light in the bedroom, but my husband found an excellent solution.


My girlfriend asked me why “that damn vacuum cleaner doesn’t work again.”


I didn’t have a picture of my girlfriend to put on this pendant, that’s why I just drew it.


My girlfriend disguised herself for my birthday party.


When you don’t think about the consequences.

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