20 Reasons Why Women Live Longer Than Men

Science states that, on average, women live longer than men because of many factors. The most obvious reason is that girls do not do even half the funny and hazardous things that men consider entirely normal. Seriously, guys, what do you think at that time?

We gathered for you some tests that will leave you in no doubt that risk is the second name of men.

Luck loves the brave.


The rules exist to break them


Do it with insurance? For what?


The best way to reach a window


Just great


They ran from the circus; they had to start working for electricians


And this, of Mason


The important thing is to be careful in the curves


I’m trying to understand, how did he get up there?


Guess what would happen if someone pushed the door?


The professionals don’t need to take security measures


Who needs them at all?


No comment


Nothing has happened, but I got a laugh


When the boss is about to arrive, and you forgot to hang the flag


An improvised lighter


And how would you do it?


Willing to sacrifice his feet for work


Absolute confidence in the hydraulic jack


I wonder: where did he aim?

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