17 Genius Fails That Can’t Be Explained Logically

In life everything is possible. So that you don’t have the slightest doubt about this, you don’t have to do special investigations. You just have to look carefully at what is around you.

We found 22 significant errors that show that sometimes logic and common sense are impotent.

I am sure that everyone is interested to know what we are doing here.


In our bedroom, they installed new bathrooms


My dentist has an excellent sense of humor


My girlfriend received her passport today


In our school, they installed a new projector. The victory in the “Engineer of the Year” contest is guaranteed.


The car that we all drew when we were children exists


There is a part that definitely should not be here


Modern technologies are fantastic! I wanted to take a panoramic picture, and this came out …


All year 2017 in a photo


When you decide to trust your sight too much


Pss … hey, you, don’t you want to go with the green light?


A drink for active and independent girls


Ice cream flavored viagra: so that your cone doesn’t fall


Excellent sweater, I want two!


Winnie Pooh feeds on honey and your nightmares


Has not your beer belly yet popped out? Don’t worry


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Be careful when you buy clothes online

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