12 Photos Showing Why You Should Never Believe Stereotypes

Sometimes we think of many stereotypes. For example, speaking of a scientist, we imagine a teacher with fluffy hair and red eyes; or from a teacher, we guess a person in a suit and tie.

They can look differently. We gather photos of some people who break all the stereotypes.


In the photo on the right, Mark Zuckerberg, billionaire, philanthropist and family man.


In the photo on the right is Amy Mainzer, an American astronomer, NASA employee and deputy scientific director of the Wide-Field Infrared Explorer space project.


This beautiful girl works in the Icelandic police. In Iceland, the level of crime is one of the lowest in the world.


Roman Ivanov (right) heads the department of the programmers of the Russian search engine


The mayor of the Talkeetna town in Alaska is not even a human being; he is a cat. His name is Stubbs, and he is 19 years old. How will he be directing everything?


Zara Anne Elizabeth Phillips is a member of the British royal family and is currently the fifteenth in the line of succession to the British throne. He loves horse riding, won the World Cup in Aachen, Germany.


On the right is Jessamyn Stanley, a yoga instructor. She believes that yoga teaches how to love and accept the body as it is. And it is not necessary to be skinny.


On the right is Jared Leto at an official reception. He doesn’t wear black leather clothes, and his hair is well groomed.


On the right is the Brazilian neurologist Gabriel Prado. The boy has a scientific degree, by the way.


Merely a teacher from one of the American schools.


Leslie Porterfield set a world speed record on a motorcycle: 374.208 km / h.


At least here everything is as it should be.

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