11 Awesome Secrets Hidden in Famous Cartoons

Animated films always raise our spirits. And better when you see them with your children. We share emotions; we notice some fun moments. However, it turns out that there are still many secrets to be revealed.

We want to share some curious facts with you.

#Eleven. WALL-E

Animators love to add “Easter eggs” in modern movies. For example, have you seen that flying from the planet, WALL-E encounters the first artificial satellite on Earth, launched from the Soviet Union?

# 10. The Ice Age

Many drawings that the characters discover in the cave during the trip are an exact copy of the rock art, created approximately 15 thousand years ago.

# 9. Beauty and the Beast

In this scene in the room, you can see the famous painting “La Joven de la Perla.”

# 8 Madagascar 2

The second part of the movie is full of elements with hidden messages. For example, when Alex greets the inhabitants of Africa, we can notice in his paw a spot in the shape of the continent, where Madagascar is also noted.

# 7 The secret life of pets

The authors love to make rich tributes. When the dog Pops declares its love to the cat Chloe, we can recognize the famous dialogue of the film “Some prefer to burn,” which ends with the phrase “We all have our faults.”

# 6 Moana

On the wicker mat in the cabin where the children were told the famous legends, you can see Marshmallow, the snowman created by Elsa.

The famous Maui hook had already come out as David’s talisman in the movie “Lilo and Stitch.”

#5. Aladdin

The character of Aladdin was first inspired by the actor Michael J. Fox (“Back to the future”). But it seemed to the producers that Aladdin looked more like a child, so they chose Tom Cruise.

#4. Zootopia

Seeing this movie becomes a real game. It has many hidden messages. For example, in the skating rink, you can see the elephant dad with his daughters, dressed as Elsa and Ana from “Frozen.”

When Judy arrives with Nick at the nudist club, the famous Aladdin lamp can be seen on a shelf.

In the secret laboratory, on the information board, among other photos, you can see a parody of the famous “Keanu triste” meme.

#3. My favorite villain 2

Margo’s shirt has a hidden message: the image of Lorax, whose film came out two years later.

#2. Inside Out

When little Riley plays in her room, you can see a magazine on her desk, on whose cover you can see Colette from “Ratatouille”.

The more observant managed to notice that in the cards used by Riley to build the house, you can see his mother (lady), dad (king) and Riley herself.

#1. A boss in diapers

Tim changes the folders skillfully, and the little one rubs his fingers impatiently… Many adults saw in this an allusion to “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.” In both cases the operation was successful!

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