10+ Rare Historical Photographs That Will Take Your Breath Away

The archival images have a high value because when you see them, you can almost touch the story and see the past as it happened. When you look at this type of shots the question is born, did this happen?

We bring you photographs that show you a reality that is hard to believe even if you are watching it.

It runs the year 1947 in the British colony of Zanzibar, on the east coast of Africa. An exhausted nanny poses next to Farrokh Bulsara, the child he cares for. A quarter of a century later this child will be known under the pseudonym Freddie Mercury.


Indian of the Sioux tribe on a horse. The year 1905 (Colorization by Dana Keller).

An operation to move a residential building of 7600 tons to make way for a boulevard in Alba Iulia, Romania.

Claude Monet is posing in front of two of his works. The year 1923 (Colorization by Dana Keller)

The Beatles play before an audience of 18 people in a small club in Aldershot (England). They became famous after one year and a half.

Marilyn Monroe poses for the soldiers. The year is 1954 (Colorization by Diana Keller)

Seal at the entrance to the tomb of Tutankhamun (which was intact for 3245 years). Year 1922

Soldiers during the Easter season during World War II. 1944

Dining room for Disney park workers. 1961

Sophia Loren and  Jayne Mansfield, 1957

A boy sells the afternoon paper whose headline announces the sinking of the Titanic. 1912. (Colorization by Dana Keller)

An operator loads the first hard disk of history (whose capacity was 5 Mb) in a PanAm plane, 1965.

Madison Square in the 1900s. (Colorization by Sanna Dulla Way)

The catastrophe of the airship “Hindenburg.” The year 1937 (Coloring was done later)

Girls are delivering ice. The year 1918. (Colorization by Dana Keller)

Opium smoking in Singapore, 1941.

A traffic accident in Washington, 1921. (Coloring done later).

Flight simulator Year 1942.

Newspaper vendors at the smoking break. (Coloring done later)

Fiat workers participate in a race on the roof of the company’s first factory in Turin, Italy. The year 1923.

Street dweller runs next to the workers of the car of Jorge V, 1920.

Service station in Washington, 1924. (Coloring done later).

Girls practicing boxing on the roof, 1930.

Murphy tries on a bulletproof vest. The year 1923. (Coloring done later)

Mobile pool in New York. Year 1960

Steven Spielberg during the filming of the first Indiana Jones movie, 1980.

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