10+ Hilarious Cases of Boredom Making People Creative

Do you think that people who have nothing to do are lazy and have no initiative? You’re wrong. Sometimes they are very ingenious and creative because they need to entertain themselves in some way.

20. A very long wait


19. A choir of cans


18. When you have free time in excess and many Skittles


17. When you spend a lot of time stuck in traffic


16. I believe that employees need extra responsibilities


15. When you are a creative person and have an hour of free time


14. You understand that you are indeed bored when you draw with your fingers on the couch scenes of “South Park.”


13. Some colleagues have too much free time


12. Do you also wonder how long this has taken?


11. When you are a dad who takes care of your children, and you have a little bit of free time


10. Life in the office seldom forces you to be creative, so you don’t get bored


9. “I spent 5 minutes cutting the crown, 10 minutes looking for a fly and 40 minutes putting it in. She is the queen of the flies!”


8. Trick: to entertain you, you will need a cat and several towels


7. “Today I shaved a kiwi.”


6. “I decided to test how girls with long fingernails type on their computers.”


5. Theater of shadows on the desk


4. It doesn’t matter if my car is buried under snow: it looks great


3. “I was bored, and I drew the characters of” Bob’s Burgers.”


2. “During the lunch hour I made some hats for my pets.”


1. When the wait is long, and you are only a child.


And how do you waste time at work when you have nothing to do?

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